What is Your Marketing Staff Saying behind Your Back?


You’ve just managed to land your firm a spot on a proposal team for a great project. The technical proposal manager from Company X tells you to send them some resumes and project descriptions. You rush back to your firm and inform your marketing staff.

Suddenly, your marketing staff is talking behind your back.

That is, if they’re smart. They’re calling the other firm’s marketing staff to ask, “What do you really want?” Because it’s almost never what the project manager from Company X asked you to provide.

The marketing staff members communicate about how many resumes and projects to prepare. They also communicate about other materials, length, formats, and win themes. That way your firm isn’t doing the work twice, and you give Company X materials they can actually use—that will help them win!

Next time, be sure to ask the technical proposal manager for the contact information of the marketing staff member who will be handling the proposal. Let your marketing staff talk behind your back.