Disaster Resilience

To be resilient is to be able to restore to a strong, healthy, and/or successful state within a short period of time after experiencing misfortune or change related to a disaster. Our mission is to help you prepare, not only to survive such an event, but to emerge stronger and better. We provide the following services, and team with other companies (as Salus Resilience) to provide full service preparedness support.

Resiliency Planning

  • Infrastructure Resiliency Assessments including prioritization for use in capital improvement plans
  • Operations Resiliency Assessments and Plan Development


  • Geotechnical and hydrogeology support for levees, dikes, and drainage systems
  • Seismic and geotechnical design for disaster-resistant and blast-resistant development, and for post-disaster evaluation and reconstruction
  • Slope stability/landslide services


  • Emergency water supply development


  • Environmental planning services to reduce potential disaster-related environmental damage; post-disaster environmental investigation and remediation

Natural Resources

  • Fisheries and wildlife biology to address changing ecosystems/altered habitat states
  • Habitat restoration/pre-disaster design to reduce destruction or reconstruct afterwards
  • Natural resource baseline studies
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Collapsed bridge in Chile