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Performance-Based Seismic Design

Rainier Square TowerOur advanced seismic analysis methods result in lower building costs, faster construction, and increased building value. Hart Crowser has the most experience of any geotechnical firm with the latest methods of performance-based seismic design (PBSD) in the Northwest. Hart Crowser was the first in the Northwest to use the conditional mean spectrum method of analysis for PBSD as outlined in ASCE 7-16. This method reduces the earthquake loads on the structure and can result in a 10 to 15 percent reduction in structural seismic restraint.

For embankments and waterfront structures, Hart Crowser’s geotechnical engineers use a combination of traditional slope stability and state-of-the-art displacement-based modeling to analyze the static and seismic performance of new and existing piers, wharves, buildings, walls, and embankments.

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Research Vessel Services

Fisheries, Wildlife, Water Quality, and Sediment

research vessel

Hart Crowser provides a range of unique sampling and reporting services in Oregon and Washington’s rivers, bays, and estuaries using our customized research vessel, the R/V Catalyst. Our experienced field staff use this floating platform to perform and support a variety of research and monitoring activities.

Information Sheet: Research Vessel Services

Environmental DNA Sampling for Fisheries

Sampling DNAEnvironmental DNA (eDNA) is an emerging technique to efficiently and effectively sample for the presence of fish species in streams and rivers. eDNA is DNA that animals leave behind in water as they move through it. Water samples are collected from streams of interest, filtered, and then analyzed for the presence of the target species’ DNA. This method is less invasive, less costly, and likely more effective than traditional approaches to studying
fish presence. With eDNA sampling, fisheries scientists can map the location of endangered salmon or monitor their migration over time and make more informed management decisions.

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