Fishing in stream

Urban Streams Fish Distribution and Population Monitoring

City of Bellevue

Bellevue, Washington

Hart Crowser has been the primary consultant for the City of Bellevue’s urban streams status and trends program since 2012. Efforts have involved determining fish distribution and population assessments in index reaches of multiple streams draining the City into Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish. Our field crews have surveyed streams using standardized sampling techniques and methods to determine stream health over time.

Repeat sampling of index reaches has allowed the City of Bellevue to track changes in fish distribution, populations, water quality, and the potential effects of capital improvement projects within the vicinity of streams draining the City. Fish species encountered include cutthroat trout, juvenile Coho salmon, and several resident sculpin and dace species.

Our work has included additional extensive sampling and gastric lavage of several year classes of cutthroat trout to determine the level of predation on New Zealand mud snail, an invasive species found in several of the city’s streams. The studies that be used to determine the potential ecological impacts and distribution of the snail in the City’s watersheds. To increase efficiencies and save costs, Hart Crowser works closely with the City to use City field staff and share data entry and analysis responsibilities to prepare draft and final reports.