Tumwater Readiness Center

Schreiber, Starling, & Whitehead Architects/Washington Military Department

Tumwater, Washington

Tumwater Readiness Center

Credit: Schreiber Starling Whitehead Architects

The Tumwater Readiness Center is on a 53-acre site that has a seasonal high groundwater table near the ground surface. Hart Crowser conducted a geotechnical engineering and hydrogeologic site selection study for two alternate locations and completed the final design for the selected site.

One of the sites was determined to have significant soil liquefaction hazards during the design earthquake and the mitigation would have been cost-prohibitive for the project. The selected site was determined to have less liquefaction-induced settlements that could be accommodated by the structural system with conventional footings and slab-on-grade.

We also evaluated the site for infiltration of stormwater. The study built on the geotechnical study and included pilot infiltration and simple infiltration tests, long term groundwater level monitoring of wells, and mounding analysis. Our evaluation helped determine that infiltration of stormwater can be managed with infiltration facilities with overflow into a nearby seasonal wetland.