Port of Everett On-Call Environmental Permitting Services

Everett, Washington

Port of Everett

Since 1989, Hart Crowser served as the Port’s on-call consultant, assisting their staff with natural resources and permitting services. Our staff has completed over 170 projects for the Port including:

  • Master plan support and strategic planning
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) environmental assessment (EA) and SEPA environmental impact statement (EIS) preparation
  • Permit application preparation, submittal, coordination, and negotiation
  • Mitigation planning, design, implementation, banking
  • Endangered Species Act species assessments and Clean Water Act Section 7 consultations
  • Baseline biological studies
  • Wetland and salt marsh delineation, design, planting, and long-term monitoring and evaluation
  • Support in stormwater management
  • Ecological landscape analysis for use in bay-wide planning