Newport Municipal Airport Resilience Assessment

City of Newport

Newport, Oregon

Newport Airport

Photo: Jelson25 on Wikimedia

The Newport Municipal Airport is a centrally located airport along the Oregon Coast. The airport is located outside of the tsunami inundation zone and is in a critical position to lead the emergency response and recovery efforts in the event of a large earthquake and tsunami. Allison and the Salus Resilience team were tasked with assessing the resilience of the Newport Municipal Airport in a Cascadia Subduction Zone event. Assessments were completed of airport infrastructure, capacity, emergency planning and preparation procedures. Recommendations were developed to aid the airport in future planning and funding requests.

Specific work included geotechnical exploration and analysis related to existing pavements and subgrades; liquefaction, seismic instability, and settlement potential; and identification of potential slope stability hazards. We inventoried buildings, pavements, materials, equipment, fuel, and other storage capacities; reviewed emergency plans; evaluated resilience assessment data in relation to resilience goals; and developed recommendations to meet resilience goals and timelines.