Mount Baker Terminal Development and Beach Restoration

Port of Everett

Mukilteo, WA

Hart Crowser provided geotechnical engineering services and directed detailed biological baseline studies for the design and permitting of this 600-foot pier on the Everett shoreline.  As part of the design development and environmental review process, a marine habitat characterization and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) environmental impact statement (EIS) were prepared that identified impact avoidance and/or minimization measures to protect important marine species and habitats.  A biological evaluation and shoreline restoration and monitoring plan also were prepared for Endangered Species Act consultations with federal resource agencies and tribes.

Geotechnical engineering included drilling of deep onshore and offshore borings for investigation of pile foundations. This project has created a more natural beach profile with a beach face, storm berm, and backshore along a half-kilometer of formerly hardened shoreline. Physical monitoring has shown that the new pebble/sand beach has responded to the ambient wave environment much as predicted.

Biological monitoring at this beach has shown a high level of biological activity by juvenile salmonids and forage fish.

The project included:

  • Design and development of a public waterfront access.
  • Sustainable design: Existing logs and substrates were collected from the shoreline prior to construction then re-installed to establish shoreline features with improved ecological functions and a more sustainable beach character relative to wave action.
  • Experience with shoreline restoration in an Endangered Species Act-listed species corridor;
  • Securing local, state, and Federal permits and coordinating with local, state, Federal and Tribal agencies – Hart Crowser developed a Biological Evaluation and participated in consultations with US Fish & Wildlife Service, National Marine Fisheries Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, and the Tulalip Tribe.