Former Copper City Mill Remediation

Natches Ranger District, Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forests, Naches, Washington
US Forest Service

Copper City

Hart Crowser completed a data gaps investigation (DGI) for this remote site. The DGI focused on clarifying volumes of contaminated soil at the site and evaluating disposal options while maximizing protection and preservation of historical and natural resources. The work included

  • Collecting site samples
  • Refining the nature and extent of contamination
  • Investigating cultural resources
  • Developing preliminary design concepts
  • Addressing agency comments
  • Assessing design and construction constraints
  • Delineating wetlands
  • Estimating construction costs

Design concepts included consolidating/capping waste in the mill footprint, temporarily and permanently rerouting a creek, relocating waste to an on-site lined/capped repository, and excavation with offsite disposal. This work was performed under Hart Crowser’s USDA Forest Service Region 6 On-Call Contract for remediation of abandoned mine lands in Oregon and Washington.