Emergency Coordination Center

City of Portland

Portland, Oregon

Portland_Emergency Coordination Center

Hart Crowser performed geotechnical engineering design services and construction oversight for a new emergency coordination center for the City of Portland. If a major disaster occurred, 200 people could work out of the building. The project was designed to meet LEED Gold standards and includes a new two-story building, a 150-foot tall radio frequency (RF) communication tower, a new parking lot with stormwater infiltration facilities, and the relocation of a public street. The center is defined as an “essential facility” and is one of the most seismically sound buildings in the state; we completed a site-specific seismic hazard report (SSHR) for this project. Because the new building was connected to the existing 911 Center, which needed to remain operational during the design/construction process, a critical component to this project was to minimize our impact to ongoing operations.