CVN Maintenance Pier Replacement (Pier Bravo)

US Navy / BergerABAM

Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton, WA

CVN Pier

The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard has been in existence since 1900. It houses the largest dry dock on the west coast, built in 1956 with a concrete retaining wall, 60-foot-long tieback rods, and earth fill. For this project, the existing Pier B was replaced, a new bulkhead wall was constructed between the new pier and adjacent dry dock, and the bulkhead wall adjacent to Wycoff Way was replaced.

Hart Crowser staff arranged the necessary security certifications, prepared the proper permits and checklists for on-land and over-water soil explorations, and communicated with Shipyard personnel for smooth operation with minimum disruption to Shipyard activities. We developed the seismic design, consisting of liquefaction analyses and site-specific design response spectrum development, slope stability, pile design, and retaining wall design. We also gave recommendations for pile drivability and temporary erosion and sediment control. Throughout design we provided input and review of the plans and specifications. Our recommendations were documented in a design report.

Sustainable Design. For stainable design, we incorporated existing piles along Wycoff Way into the new bulkhead, leaving the existing pier’s piles in place below the mudline to improve seismic performance, and allowing reuse of the demolished pier’s crushed concrete as backfill in select locations on site.

Design-Build. The CVN Maintenance Pier procurement was unique in that some portions were design-build and some were prescriptive (design-bid-build). For design-build portions, construction was fast track and involved incorporating the existing Dry Dock 6 into the design, which required direct design by the Navy. The contractor could finish the other portions, such as the main pier. We supported contract document preparation that allowed the geotechnical work to be done is a way that combined both aspects.