Rick Ernst, RG, LHG

Rick Ernst, RG, LHG, is an environmental geologist, program manager, and project manager. He has experience with all stages of environmental assessment, from historical reviews and Phase I and II environmental site assessments, to selection and implementation of remedial alternatives. His small and large complex environmental projects have involved various contaminants in soil, groundwater, sediment, and air, particularly on waterfront property.

Rick is knowledgeable of regulatory analysis and compliance issues, including CERCLA, SARA, TSCA, RCRA, SWDA, EPCRA, OSHA, and CAA. He has supervised characterization and remediation activities at over 200 sites in Oregon and southwest Washington. This experience gives him a practical understanding of potential site issues, the fate and transport of contaminants in the environment, and practical methods to cost-effectively address contamination posing an unacceptable risk.

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