Mike Ehlebracht, LHG

Mike Ehlebracht, LHG, has an extensive background in environmental geochemistry with an emphasis on fate and transport of contaminants in the subsurface and hydrogeochemical forensic analysis to support insurance and cost recovery negotiations. With over 30 years of environmental consulting experience, Mike has completed and managed numerous remedial investigations, feasibility studies, and engineering designs under MTCA, CERCLA, and RCRA regulations. He has performed regulatory and risk based assessments of soil, sediment, air, and water matrices, and has successfully negotiated with Ecology, EPA, and various state regulatory agencies for cleanup levels based on site-specific contaminant mobility and risk evaluations.

Mike has served on several committees and working groups that have supported the Washington State Department of Ecology in developing and revising environmental regulations under the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA). His involvement in Ecology’s regulatory committees included the Interim TPH Policy working group, MTCA Fate and Transport subcommittee, Asarco Smelter Plume advisory group, and Vapor Intrusion working group. Mike has also assisted Ecology with several landmark studies to establish regional sediment background in several Puget Sound embayments and Lake Washington watershed, estimating toxic chemical loadings into Puget Sound, evaluating urban and rural background chemical concentrations across Washington State, and developing an adaptation strategy to increase resilience of upland and in-water cleanup remedies.

Mike is a member and vice-chair of the Snohomish County Marine Resources Council (MRC), which addresses local marine issues and recommends remedial actions to the County council and executive, and when requested, to other local governments and tribes. He is also a committee member for the Northwest Environmental Business Council (NEBC).

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